Northwestern Salamander

Northwestern Salamander

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Northwestern Salamander

Northwestern Salamander

The Northwestern Salamander is a stout, 5 1/2 to 8-inch long uniform dark brown to black, amphibian (cold-blooded animal that start life in water & later transform to a terrestrial form) with a oval tail flattened towards the end. It has strong , well-developed legs and prominent parotoid (swollen area behind eye). Salamanders are voiceless.

It is found mainly in south-western BC. Eggs are laid in February to May in jelly-like masses about the size of a elongated grapefruit. The larvae hatch in about a month and stay in the water about a year. Some metamorphose (change into adult form) in the second summer but others remain in the larval stage indefinitely (neoteny) and breed without gaining adult form.

In the aquatic form they eat voraciously preying on all other living things small enough to swallow. On land look for them under leave litter.

Western Toad

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Western Toad

Western Toad

The Western Toad (Anaxyrus boreas) (formerly Northwestern toad – Bufo boreas) is a stout, squat 2-5 inch amphibian of the west found from Alaska to northern California. It has shorter front than hind leg. The skin is rough with large warts. Colour is variable from dark brown to reddish brown background with lighter warts.

Adults congegrate in early Spring along margins of wetlands and lakes to spawn. The male calls with a high pitched note. The eggs are laid in long strings in shallow water. Jet-black tadpoles hatch in a few days and gather in large swarms. Growth is rapid and they exit water at 1/2 inch long to migrate to near by woods. Highway crossing prove dangerous and many toadlets are squashed.  Ryder Lake road is a well known hazard.

Adult toads wander considerable distance form water and can be found foraging at dusk for insects and other small creeping organisms.  At dawn they retire to damp holes and shaded spots.  Look for them along the Miami greenway riparian area.  Western Toads are a species of conservation concern.

Director’s Report 2014

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o Skoda Property planting October 7, 2013 – 4 MRSS members, 3 FVWC crew, & Martin Skoda / very rainy / 52 native shrubs installed
o October 11, 2013 – 10- “volunteer native plants”(potted & tended from Summer 2012 at Perrin’s) planted in 300 block by Janne
o April 15, 2014 – Karl Perrin donated and planted eight native shrubs in 200 & 300-block (one shrub subsequently removed & relocated by homeowner)
o June 23, 2014 – Rachel Drennan, FVWC coordinator, and Janne Perrin prepare plant list for PSF/CSP Grant Fall planting
o September 29, 2014 – plant 100 aquatic plants / MRSS members with the assistance of Karl Perrin’s Gardeners at Large Crew / purchased with PSF/CSP 2014 Grant funds

o December 9, 2013 Letter to James Weger, EFV Community Advisor re habitat destruction
o August 2014 – Letter to VHHS Bylaw Officer regarding concerns. Advised VHHS Riparian Bylaw only covers new development and to contact the Province. Conservation Officer followed up on concerns with home-owners

o May 22 2014 – DFO appoints Bob Schaefer as CA for South Fraser Area & Eastern Fraser Valley, replacing James Weger

o Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up September 29, 2013 – 16 people / VHHS loaned row boat for river use from Maple St. Canoe Launch to Ruth Altendorf Bridge / Laura Chappell with WildSafeBC & MRSS at plaza but too windy for display boards / 34 kg (75 lbs) trash collected / VHHS supplies bags, pickers, tables & tent / pre & post articles submitted by Janne Perrin published in Agassiz Observer September 27 & October 4th
o November 16th & 17th Booth at Fraser Valley Eagle Festival
o March 27, 2014 – large map of Miami River and large “living by water” posters laminated by Staples
o March 29, 2014 – participated in Harrison Health & Wellness Fair at Memorial Hall
o April 22, 2014 – participated in United Church Earth Day celebration
o June 2, 2014 – 7-minute PowerPoint presentation to VHHS Council / well received
o July 16, 2014 – Janne led Communities in Bloom judges in tour along the 300-block of the Greenway trail. Door hanger packages were given to judges
o September 27 2014 – Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup / MRSS hosts public cleanup of Harrison foreshore, lagoon and Miami River / article & photo published in A-H Observer prior to event/ 20 people registered / one boat and 2 kayaks worked in river / member of Harrison Yacht Club interested in participating in 2015/ 82 people visited WildSafeBC booth / 26 kg trash collected / VHHS delivered tables etc / Gardeners At Large returned materials & trash to VHHS works yard

o January 13 to February 6, 2014 worked on an application to PSF/CSP Grant for Miami River Greenway project 2
o February 6, 2014 Submit Application
TOTAL OTHER $/IN-KIND (Leveraging) $20,025.00
TOTAL PROJECT COST (PSF & Leveraging)$28,081.50
o OBJECTIVES (Results) for grant:
§ Restore & Enhance 1000 square metres of Greenway stream bank
§ Install a minimum of 2 interpretive signs
§ Conduct a fish survey, monitor water quality & release salmon fry from Salmonids in the Classroom Program
o Project Partners – Fraser Valley Watershed Coalition, Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Council, Village of Harrison Hot Springs, Communities In Bloom, Harrison Elementary School, Miama Place, Sts’ailes Aboriginal Rights and Title Branch, Harrison Hot Springs Preschool & Child Care, Riverwynd Strata & Friends of the Harrison Forest
o April 9, 2014 -CSP 14S 084 PSF grant $6534 awarded to MRSS / fish survey not funded, FVWC restoration crew not funded (FVWC notified us in June they’ll donate all crew services & willow whips as inkind), office supplies not funded / 3 interpretive signs funded by PSF (one to be donated by Miama Place) / Total Value of Project now estimated at $26 984
o July 7, 2014 – Stormdrain marking and Educational Door hangers along Miami River Drive with help of Harrison Hot Springs Child Care children / photos & article published in Agassiz-Harrison Observer
o July 14, 2014 – PSF/CSP grant cheque for $6 534 received
o July 16, 3014– Fall Public Planting date Monday, November 3, 2014 agreed upon by FVWC, VHHS and MRSS
o August 11, 2014 – Chiller unit for Salmon in the Classroom Project with Ms Emsley’s Class / $1 141.91 total cost including shipping / Funded by 2014 PSF/CSP grant
o August 12 Chiller Unit arrived at Chilliwack Greyhound Depot and picked up by Janne for storage at her home until fall
o August 22, 2014- 200 copies of Salmon Steward magazine arrive by post — to be given to the Harrison Elementary School for distribution
o August 29, 2014 – dialogue with VHHS, Miama Place (Martin Skoda), biologist Jill Miners, Allan Jackson & Jane Kivett of CIB on design of 4 Interpretive Signs for Greenway
o Late August / Early September – Japanese Knotweed Treatment completed by Drinkwater Environmental Services under contract to Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Council / two queries from public in response to signage
o September 26, 2014 – Janne visits Ms Emsley at HES with instructions for Salmonids in the Classroom / current classroom theme of spawning salmon / Salmon Steward magazine and Chiller Unit to be delivered soon

o March 28, 2014 – weir to protect sewer pipe crossing at Hot Springs Road Bridge supported by MRSS member & Biologist Ted Burns

o November 2013 –Apply for $840.00 from Grants to Groups
o May 26, 2014 – letter from VHHS re: approved for $600 grants to groups grant / Thank you letter sent to VHHS

o 114 volunteer hours of Restoration area (Greenway & Cedar Ave) weeding
o September 7, 2013 to September 30, 2014 / total of 36 sessions

· WATER QUALITY TESTING (WQT), Water Quality Equipment Maintenance & Data Entry (Excel & MRSS Website)
o 26 volunteer hours
o Water Quality Testing – Nov. 24-25, 2013, May 19, 2014 & Aug.18, 2014
o Water Quality Index- Acceptable in November & May / Marginal in August

o / A free site
o Webmaster Janne Perrin / 10 volunteer hours

o 9 meeting held from December 2013 to August 2014 / 49 volunteer hours
o August 8, 2014 – AGM set for October 4, 2014 at 10 AM at Riverwynd
o August 2014 – Account opened Agassiz Prospera Credit Union / Signers any 2 of Janne Perrin, Barb Dramer or Mary Baxter / no service charges, subject to annual review
o September 2014 – Bank of Montreal Account Closed as service fees instated

· HARRISON SALMON STRONGHOLD /Sts’ailes Fishers Collaboration
o March 2014 – MRSkS invited to become a member of this group / Janne attends March 7, May 7 and June 18 meeting on our behalf
o Jane Kivett, MRSS & CIB member attends September 10, 2014 “Special Introductory Session for BC MLA’s” meeting / slides of MRSS activities submitted for PowerPoint Show to delegates

· TOTAL VOLUNTEER HOURS RECORDED – Sept. 7 2013 to Sept. 28 2014 / 765 hours
o Value $ 12,122,00 includes work of MRSS members, partners, and public volunteers

Species of Conservation Concern

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This Page is Under Cnstruction

Species of Conservative Concern are those whose numbers and well-being is in question. Their status is assigned by various agencies including the  BC Ministry of Environment,  Canada’s Species at Risk Act(SARA)  and by the Committee on the status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. (COSEWIC)

Great Blue Heron

Peregrine Falcon

Bandtailed Pigeon

Lewis’s Woodpecker

Barn Swallow

Red-legged Frog

Western Toad

Oregon Forest Snail

Pacific Water Shrew

Salish Sucker


Fraser Valley Species at Risk

BC Species & Ecosystem Explorer

Planting History

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Planting at Cedar Avenue

Planting at Cedar Avenue



Key: FVIPC-Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Council FVWC-Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition MOT-Ministry of Transport VHHS– Village of Harrison Hot Springs PSF-Pacific Salmon Foundation MRSkS-Miami River Streamkeepers Society MRD-Miami river Drive
Nov. 2009 Hot Springs Road Bridge Native Shrubs upper Geo bags FVWCMRSkS M0T
Friday March 5th 2010 Hot Springs Road Bridge Native Shrubs Lower Geo Bags FVWC MOT
September 2010 200 to 400-block MRD Japanese Knotweed (stem injection) FVIPC weed team Environment Canada Grant to VHHS (EDF)
Tuesday November 2, 2010 200 block 700 native shrubs Public Planting 20 volunteers from Harrison, Agassiz and Chilliwack + FVWC & MRSkS Environment Canada Grant to VHHS (EDF)
March 24th 2011 300 block Native shrubs (remainder of those above) Public Planting + FVWC & MRSkS Environment Canada Grant to VHHS (EDF)
April 21 2011 (Earth Day Planting) 200 and 300 block 400 Native Shrubs Public Planting + FVWC & MRSkS Plants donated by Dr. Mike Pearson
October 31, 2011 Knot weed area on 400-block Native shrubs still in stock from previous EDF grant MRSk / VHHS staff Environment Canada Grant to VHHS (EDF)
Wednesday & Thursday October 17 & 18, 2012 200, 300 and 400-blocks 380 Native Shrubs Public Planting19 volunteers+ FVWC/ MRSkS/VHHS staff PSF grant to MRSkS
November 27, 2012 300 and 400 blocks 22 sword ferns, 10 cat tail, 4 slough sedge MRSkS PSF grant to MRSkS
Spring 2013 300-block at Fred Hardy Bridge Ninebark shrubs in a bed beside the trail VHHS VHHS funds
November 2013 Skoda Property 215 MRD 52 Native Shrubs planted / Japanese Knotweed control-stems cut & Glyphosate injected FVWC, FVIPC, MRSkS & homeowner Homeowner
October 11 2013 300-block MRD 10 Native Shrubs & Trees MRSkS member Donated
April 15 2014 200 and 300MRD 8 Native Shrubs Local Resident Donated
Late August – Early September 2014 200-block MRD Lillooet Ave @ Chehalis Lagoon Walkway Japanese Knotweed Control (stem injection, wick application, spot treatment) FVIPC Contractor Drinkwater Environmental Services Ltd PSF Grant to MRSkS
September 29 2014 200 to 400-block MRD 102 Aquatic Plants MRSkS PSF Grant to MRSkS
November 3, 2014 200 to 400-block MRD 340 shrubs, ferns & understory plants + 350 Willow Whips Public Planting27 volunteers+ FVWC/ MRSkS/VHHS staff PSF Grant to MRSkS


September 11 2010 170 Cedar Avenue HHS80 feet X 15 feet Yellow flag iris removal MRSkS, FVWC, Haulage- Gardener’s-at-large Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
Thursday November 4, 2010 170 Cedar Avenue HHS Native shrubs -Red-osier dogwoodHardhackWillow spp. FVWC, MRSkS & 4-leadership students Agassiz high School Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
November 21 2011 170 Cedar Avenue HHS Cattail, hard-stemmed bulrush, slough sedge Cardboard & straw used to inhibit RC grass FVWC, MRSkS & 1-leadership student Agassiz high School Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
Monday November 28th 2011 170 Cedar Avenue HHS Willow whipsVole guards installed on the shrubs already planted FVWC / MRSkS Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
May 24 2012 170 Cedar Avenue HHS -High water so can’t pull RC grass -number of dead trees but ~80% survival. – Cardboard / straw worked for the most part MRSkS Volunteer N/A
October 25th 2012 170 Cedar Avenue HHS Hard-stemmed bulrush, slough sedge & cattail to replace those washed out by 2012 Spring high water MRSkSVolunteers PSF grant to MRSkS


February 2007 Spring Park & Lillooet Ave bank Blackberries flail cut Miami River Committee /VHHS staff Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
Spring 2007 Spring Park & Lillooet Ave bank Native Shrubs and trees VHHS Miami River Committee / VHHS staff / FVWC Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
Fall 2007 Lillooet Ave bank Hydro seeding in an effort to stabilize the steep bank VHHS Miami River Committee / VHHS staff Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
Spring 2008 Spring Park Ornamental junipers removed from riparian area Miami River Committee /VHHS staff Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River