Miami River Water Quality 2013/14

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Quarterly Measurements

Water Quality - Miami River, 2013 - 2014 Quarterly Measurements

DateTimeWeatherAir Temp.
degrees Celsius
NTU or cm
Water Temp.
degrees Celsius
% Oxg.Oxg. mg/LpHSite NameWater QualityComments
July 30, 201317:25scattered clouds22.30 NTU 19.5615.47HHS BridgeAcceptable 31.9New batteries pH metre
13:2022.30 NTU 18.1676.36.3Walnut Ave
17:1022.325 cm 17.9696.87Lori's Diner
Nov. 25, 201313:25overcast, windy9.20 NTU9.1799.27.3Walnut AveGood 40.9membrane DO Metre replaced
15:459.30 NTU7.88510.37.3HHS Bridge
Nov. 27, 201314:50overcast8.30 NTU9.2728.97.4Lori's Diner
May 19, 201410:15overcast13.50 NTU14.147%5.07.3Walnut AveAcceptable 34.1Hot Month so far with little rain
11:0015.80 NTU15.562%6.27.2HHS Bridge
11:4013.80 NTU13.263%6.67.2Lori's Diner
Aug. 18, 201410:30scattered clouds240 NTU20.346%4.57.2Walnut AveMarginal 29.6Do Metre electrolyte replaced
Very hot month & little to no rain so far
11:00240 NTU20.655%5.16.9HHS Bridge
11:3023.50 NTU15.440%3.86.8Lori's Diner
Nov. 17, 201410:15clear sunny4.80 NTU5.760%7.37.2Walnut AveAcceptable 36.1DO Metre electrolyte replaced
low water temp. accounts for seemingly low %
11:005.50 NTU4.766%8.37.2HHS Bridge
10:405.80 NTU5.764%8.17.2Lori's Diner

Oxygen Saturation Table


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