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Public Planting 2014

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2014 Public Planting – Photo Album

Public Planting

Monday November 3, 2014
10 AM to Noon
Meeting Place:  Fred Hardy Bridge at Miami River Drive

Funding: May 2014 Pacific Salmon Foundation/ Community Salmon Program Grant to the Miami River Streamkeepers Society (MRSS)

Plant Installation:
300 native shrubs, 20 native trees and 300 willow whips 

The Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition (FVWC) restoration crew planted the willow. 

MRSS, Communities in Bloom committee, Village of Harrison Hot Springs (VHHS) grounds crew, Gardeners @ Large and nine members of the public planted the remainder according to a plan drawn up by the FVWC, VHHS and the MRSS.  Two students from the University and a local preschooler helped.  Leadership students from Agassiz High School planned to come but were unable due to unforeseen complications. 

Additional Information:
Everyone dressed  for the weather & wore gum boots or sturdy foot wear. (see photos)
MRSS official photographer captured the event on camera.
Snacks, juice and water well received.
Pizza lunch from Dominos who opened when closed to serve us and was devoured by the wet, hungry and tired planters.

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

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On the last weekend of September MRSS hosts a Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup of the Harrison Lake foreshore and the lagoon. In 2013 & 2014 we also did an in-river cleanup from the Maple Street canoe launch to the Fred Hardy foot bridge. In 2016 the Harrison Yacht  Club cleaned the lake shore. The Village of Harrison Hot Springs supports us in this event.  Join us on Saturday, September 24, 2016 at the the Harrison Lake Plaza at 10 am to noon. 

Health and Wellness Fair – March 29, 2014

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MRSS took part in the 2014 Harrison Health and Wellness Fair at Memorial Hall.  The restored riparian area and walking trails along the greenway promotes good health.  Riparian areas provide water filtration, oxygen and carbon dioxide balance, wind protection, shade and biodiversity – all important for your health and wellness. 

Fish and Amphibians of the Agassiz Slough and Miami River 2012

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Letter to the Editor Agassiz-Harrison-Hope Observer Summer 2012

Jill Miners, Agassiz

For the past four months I have had the opportunity to study the Agassiz Slough and Miami River watersheds as part of my Masters thesis at UBC. Part of my project is to estimate the population size of the endangered Salish sucker and also look at other fish presence and abundance. In Agassiz Slough I set traps from outside the dyke, all along Tuttyens road and along McDonald road. The Miami River was trapped from McCallum road to the floodgates.       In total I caught almost 800 fishes and 40 amphibians in Agassiz Slough and nearly 4000 fishes and 20 amphibians in Miami River, including juvenile salmon and adult trout. I identified about 20 different species in each watershed. The table below highlights some of the interesting species and abundance from each watershed. So next time you wander by or along your local watershed watch to see if you can see fish jumping.

Salish Sucker

Salish Sucker


Salish Sucker Agassiz Slough = 197
Miami River = 134
Coho and Chinook Salmon
fry and smolt
Agassiz Slough = 2 (last year I found 30)
Miami River = 632
Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout Agassiz Slough = 24
Miami River = 23
Large-scale Sucker Agassiz Slough = 6
Miami River = 14
 Red side shiner Agassiz Slough = 194
Miami River = 2175
Three-spine Stickleback Agassiz Slough = 246
Miami River = 708
 Roughskin Newt
and other amphibians
Agassiz Slough = 40
Miami River = 20
Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon