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We are the Miami River Streamkepers Society

Mission Statement

The beautification and enhancement of the Miami River would be an asset and a benefit to the Village of Harrison Hot Springs. The Miami River’s revitalization program would become an example on how to properly manage an ecosystem for the well being of the wildlife and plant life that exists within its waterways and riparian areas as well as the surrounding woodlands throughout the Village.

Vision Statement

To restore the Miami River through an ongoing revitalization program.


  • Bank and riparian area restoration and maintenance to stabilize the banks and to improve fish habitat
  • Quarterly monitoring of river water quality
  • Protection of red-listed flora and fauna within the river’s riparian area
  • Reduction and control over pollutants and effluents entering river system
  • Promotion of community and visitor awareness of invasive species, native plants and living responsibly near riparian areas Education of local residents and visitors on the biodiversity of the Miami River Watershed

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