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Water Quality 2010 to Present

Water Quality 2010 to date.xls

Water Quality 2010 to date.xls
Water Quality Testing           
DateTimeWeatherAir Temperatureturbidity/depthWater TemperatureOxygenOxygenpHSite NameWater Quality IndexComments
degrees CNTU or cmdegrees C%mg/l
September 28, 201011:25overcast14.0012.077.4Walnut AveAcceptable 34.0
11:5516.0014.076.6Lori's Diner
12:2516.0015.0136.4HHS Bridge
PinPoint DO Metre
January 14, 201111:45rain5.003.4NR10.76.5Walnut Ave
12:0003.8NR9.66.2Lori's Diner
12:1804.1NR9.66.4HHS Bridge
January 19, 201104:15overcast4.305.18410.67.1Walnut Ave
February 7, 201111:48rain6.507.08410.5NR
March 7, 201102:20sun/scattered clouds8.907.08710.87.4Walnut Ave
"02:40"8.907.28510.37.3Lori's Diner
"03:00"6.806.69311.57.6HHS Bridge
March 7, 201103:20"8.206.8125-12915.98.9NE Lagoon
"03:406.208.1125-12615.310.3SE Lake
"04:05"9.207.288-8910.87.5Walnut Ave
March 9, 201103:50cloudy / intermittent rain & hail6.007.3SE Lake
03:55""0""7.7NE Lagoon
04:30""0""7.2HHS Bridge
04:45""0""7.2Walnut Ave
May 23, 201109:50cloudyNR010.7 C68%7.7 mg/L6.8Lori's DinerMarginal 26.7fishin' w Jill
11:30""013.2 C62%7.3 mg/L7.0HHS Bridge
11:55""011.8 C69%7.5 mg/L6.9Walnut Ave
August 25, 201110:15sunny20.0016.320%2.0 mg/L6.3Walnut Ave
"11:30"20.0017.6 C9%-25%- 46%1.1 -3.5 mg/L 6.7HHS Bridge
"12:00"15.8 (under bridge)0?14.5 C37%3.8 mg/L6.8Lori's Dinersite accessed underbridge
January 9, 201210:30cloudy10 C06.9 C76%9.3 mg/L6.3Walnut Avevery clear water
"11:00"10 C07.3 C79%9.8 mg/L6.5Lori's Dinersite accessed underbridge
"11:15"10 C07.5 C84%10.3 mg/L6.7HHS Bridgeturbidity not as clear as Walnut
March 19, 201211:50sunny8 C06.8 C91%11.3 mg/L6.9Walnut AveGood 42.8
"11:00"""5.7 C89%11.0 mg/L7.3Lori's Diner
"11:20"""6.9 C92%11.4 mg/L7.4HHS Bridge
August 27, 201211:45sunny26 C017.0 C70%5.7mg/L6.7Walnut Aveno rain all of August
"12:19""25 cm15.2C41%3.8 mg/L6.9Lori's dinersite accessed underbridge
"12:04""017.5 C50%4.6 mg/L7.0HHS Bridge
February 5, 201313:10light rain8 C07.3 C90%11.2 mg/L6.8Walnut Avereplaced membrane in DO metre
"13:40"""7.1 C82%10.1 mg/L6.2Lori's diner"
"13:25"""7.7 C86%10.4 mg/L6.8HHS Bridge"
June 3, 201310:30sunny19 C013.9 C50%4.6 mg/Lnot measuredWalnut Avebatteries dead in pH metre
11:00"19 C012.4 C80%7.7 MG/lnot measuredLori's Diner"
10;45"19 c015.3 C88%8.7 MG/lnot measuredHHS Bridge"
July 30, 201303:20scattered clouds22.3018.1 C67%6.3 mg/L6.3Walnut AveAcceptable 31.7new batteries pH metre
17:1022.3~3017.9 C69%6.8 mg/l7.0Lori's Diner"
17:25"22.3019.5 C61%5.4 mg/L7.0HHS Bridge"
November 19, 201310:30overcast, windy8.007.392%13.7 mg/L6.2Walnut Ave
11:00"""7.3120%19.5 mg/L6.5Lori's Diner
11:30"""7.592%11.1 mg/L6.5HHS Bridge
November 25, 201313:25slight overcast9.209.179%9.2 mg/L7.3Walnut AveGood 40.1
"15:45"9.307.885%10.3 mg/L7.3HHS Bridge
November 27, 201314:50overcast08.372%8.9 mg/L7.4Lori's Diner
May 19, 201410:15overcast13.5014.147%5.0 mg/L7.3Walnut Aveacceptable 34.1electrolyte changed
11:40"13.8013.263%6.6 mg/L7.2Lori's Diner
11:00"15.8015.562%6.2 mg/L7.2HHS Bridge
August 18, 201410:30scattered clouds24.0020.346%4.5 mg/L7.2Walnutmarginal 29.6
"11:00"24.0021.268%6.1mg/L6.9HHS Bridge
"11:30"23.5016.246%4.8-5.5 mg/L6.8Lori's Diner
November 17, 201410:15clear, sunny4.805.760%7.3 mg/L7.2Walnutacceptable36.1high water
10:40"5.805.764%8.1 mg/L7.2Lori's Diner"
11:00"5.504.766%8.3 mg/L7.2HHS Bridge"water is not cresting over March 2014 weir
February 16, 201510:20scattered clouds7.008.071%8.3 mg/L6.4Walnutacceptable38.9
10:48"6.707.875%8.9 mg/L6.5Lori's Diner"
11:007.407.673%8.7 mg/L6.9HHS Bridge"
June 1, 201510:20scattered clouds22.0019.149%4.5 mg/L6.9Walnutacceptable 32.2
11:3518.4~1514.344%4.3 mg/L7.2Lori's Dinerparticulate matter DFO Advisor observed
12:0018.6020.2108%9.8 mg/L7.2HHS Bridge
July 9, 201809:45overcast18.21116.06%0.5 mg/L7.1Walnutmarginal 24.6
10:2020.21014.81.80%1.8 mg/L7.0McCombs"Lori's Diner dropped/ replaced with McCombs Bridge
11:1022.0<516.70.60%0.6 mg.L7.0HHS Bridge"
November 5, 201811:20raining10.8<510.959%6.6 mg/L6.6Walnutacceptable 31.7
10:4011.20<511.059%6.5 mg/L6.6McCombs Bridge"
10:1511.8<511.058%6.5 mg/L6.1HHS Bridge
April 5, 201910:30cloudy13.0010.670%8.3 mg/L6.5Walnutgood 40.0
11:15"11.7010.174%8.4 mg/L6.7McCombs Bridge
11:4011.3 010.589%9.9 mg/L7.0HHS Bridgeparticulate matter stuck to pH metre
July 3, 201916.29overcast20.08 NTU
Depth 115 cm
17.539 %3.4 mg/L6.9WalnutMarginal 24.4U10
"15:29"20.10 NTU
Depth 73 cm
16.536%3.6 mg/L7.0McCombsU10
'16:00"18.511 NTU
Depth 100 cm
18.521%2.0 mg/L6.9HHS BridgeU10
October 22, 201912:00light rain
windy 6km/h
129 cm depth
10.261%7.0 mg/L6.9Walnut Acceptable 39.9U10
"12:30"11.6bit murky
113 cm depth
10.662%6.9 mg/L6.9McCombs"U10
wind 5km/h
12.3bit murky
too swift to measure depth
10.665%7.4 mg/L6.9HHS BridgeU10
June 1, 202014:35scattered clouds
wind 5km/h
16.5 murky, brown colour
cannot see bottom
190 cm
13.032%3.2 mg/L6.69WalnutMarginal 24.4new pH metre
coordinates as stated previously all sites
"14:15"19.8as above 150 cm 12.730%3.1 mg/L6.80McCombs
"15:05" 18.8as above 114 cm14.732%3.2 mg/L6.85HHS Bridge
August 12, 202012:48scattered clouds / wind 5km/h20.5 murky, brown 40 cm 16.8 30%2.9 mg/L6.81WalnutMarginal 23.7"U10

"12:21"20.5murky, brown 79 cm16.731%2.8 mg/L6.74McCombs "U10
"13:24"20.6murky, brown 56 cm17.520%2.0 mg/L6.71HHS Bridge"U10
November 30, 202011:35clear, sunny / wind 5km/h9.1see to bottom / 32 cm6.371%8.9 mg/L9.91WalnutGood 40.1
"11:55"9.1see to bottom / 30 cm6.175%9.1 mg /L6.88McCombs
" 10:25"7.0see to bottom / 54 cm5.981%10.1 mg/L6.88HHS Bridge
DateTimeWeatherAir Temperature CTurbidity/Depth cmWater Temperature COxygen %Oxygen mg/LpHSite NameWater Quality IndexComments
April 6, 202114:45

High overcast, sunny periods

see to bottom / 3510.496%

10.7 mg/L


WalnutGood 42.8new membranes DO Metre / coordinates previously stated
"15:15"15.1" / 4010.495%10.7 mg/L7.18McCombs
"15:45"17.4"/ 30 12.4129%13.5 mg/L7.35HHS Bridge
July 5, 20219:15clear , no wind21.3murky / 5220.212%1.1 mg/L7.04WalnutPoor 5.5
"10:00"20.5" /6120.47%0.8 mg/L6.97McCombs Bridge
"11:00"24.1" / 105 20.78%1.2 mg/L6.81HHS Bridge


Salmonids in the classroom

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PSF 8c Salmonid Tank

The project was undertaken by the Grade 2 and 3 students at the end of January 2015. Miami River Streamkeepers received grant money from the Pacific Salmon Foundation to help finance the project. Raising salmon in the classroom is an opportunity to teach students to understand, respect and protect freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems, and to recognize how all humans are lined to these complex environments.

Salmon fry released into Miami River May 19th 2015. Read all about it:

Northwestern Salamander

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Northwestern Salamander

Northwestern Salamander

The Northwestern Salamander is a stout, 5 1/2 to 8-inch long uniform dark brown to black, amphibian (cold-blooded animal that start life in water & later transform to a terrestrial form) with a oval tail flattened towards the end. It has strong , well-developed legs and prominent parotoid (swollen area behind eye). Salamanders are voiceless.

It is found mainly in south-western BC. Eggs are laid in February to May in jelly-like masses about the size of a elongated grapefruit. The larvae hatch in about a month and stay in the water about a year. Some metamorphose (change into adult form) in the second summer but others remain in the larval stage indefinitely (neoteny) and breed without gaining adult form.

In the aquatic form they eat voraciously preying on all other living things small enough to swallow. On land look for them under leave litter.

Planting History

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Planting at Cedar Avenue

Planting at Cedar Avenue



Key: FVIPC-Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Council FVWC-Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition MOT-Ministry of Transport VHHS– Village of Harrison Hot Springs PSF-Pacific Salmon Foundation MRSkS-Miami River Streamkeepers Society MRD-Miami river Drive
Nov. 2009 Hot Springs Road Bridge Native Shrubs upper Geo bags FVWCMRSkS M0T
Friday March 5th 2010 Hot Springs Road Bridge Native Shrubs Lower Geo Bags FVWC MOT
September 2010 200 to 400-block MRD Japanese Knotweed (stem injection) FVIPC weed team Environment Canada Grant to VHHS (EDF)
Tuesday November 2, 2010 200 block 700 native shrubs Public Planting 20 volunteers from Harrison, Agassiz and Chilliwack + FVWC & MRSkS Environment Canada Grant to VHHS (EDF)
March 24th 2011 300 block Native shrubs (remainder of those above) Public Planting + FVWC & MRSkS Environment Canada Grant to VHHS (EDF)
April 21 2011 (Earth Day Planting) 200 and 300 block 400 Native Shrubs Public Planting + FVWC & MRSkS Plants donated by Dr. Mike Pearson
October 31, 2011 Knot weed area on 400-block Native shrubs still in stock from previous EDF grant MRSk / VHHS staff Environment Canada Grant to VHHS (EDF)
Wednesday & Thursday October 17 & 18, 2012 200, 300 and 400-blocks 380 Native Shrubs Public Planting19 volunteers+ FVWC/ MRSkS/VHHS staff PSF grant to MRSkS
November 27, 2012 300 and 400 blocks 22 sword ferns, 10 cat tail, 4 slough sedge MRSkS PSF grant to MRSkS
Spring 2013 300-block at Fred Hardy Bridge Ninebark shrubs in a bed beside the trail VHHS VHHS funds
November 2013 Skoda Property 215 MRD 52 Native Shrubs planted / Japanese Knotweed control-stems cut & Glyphosate injected FVWC, FVIPC, MRSkS & homeowner Homeowner
October 11 2013 300-block MRD 10 Native Shrubs & Trees MRSkS member Donated
April 15 2014 200 and 300MRD 8 Native Shrubs Local Resident Donated
Late August – Early September 2014 200-block MRD Lillooet Ave @ Chehalis Lagoon Walkway Japanese Knotweed Control (stem injection, wick application, spot treatment) FVIPC Contractor Drinkwater Environmental Services Ltd PSF Grant to MRSkS
September 29 2014 200 to 400-block MRD 102 Aquatic Plants MRSkS PSF Grant to MRSkS
November 3, 2014 200 to 400-block MRD 340 shrubs, ferns & understory plants + 350 Willow Whips Public Planting27 volunteers+ FVWC/ MRSkS/VHHS staff PSF Grant to MRSkS


September 11 2010 170 Cedar Avenue HHS80 feet X 15 feet Yellow flag iris removal MRSkS, FVWC, Haulage- Gardener’s-at-large Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
Thursday November 4, 2010 170 Cedar Avenue HHS Native shrubs -Red-osier dogwoodHardhackWillow spp. FVWC, MRSkS & 4-leadership students Agassiz high School Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
November 21 2011 170 Cedar Avenue HHS Cattail, hard-stemmed bulrush, slough sedge Cardboard & straw used to inhibit RC grass FVWC, MRSkS & 1-leadership student Agassiz high School Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
Monday November 28th 2011 170 Cedar Avenue HHS Willow whipsVole guards installed on the shrubs already planted FVWC / MRSkS Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
May 24 2012 170 Cedar Avenue HHS -High water so can’t pull RC grass -number of dead trees but ~80% survival. – Cardboard / straw worked for the most part MRSkS Volunteer N/A
October 25th 2012 170 Cedar Avenue HHS Hard-stemmed bulrush, slough sedge & cattail to replace those washed out by 2012 Spring high water MRSkSVolunteers PSF grant to MRSkS


February 2007 Spring Park & Lillooet Ave bank Blackberries flail cut Miami River Committee /VHHS staff Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
Spring 2007 Spring Park & Lillooet Ave bank Native Shrubs and trees VHHS Miami River Committee / VHHS staff / FVWC Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
Fall 2007 Lillooet Ave bank Hydro seeding in an effort to stabilize the steep bank VHHS Miami River Committee / VHHS staff Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River
Spring 2008 Spring Park Ornamental junipers removed from riparian area Miami River Committee /VHHS staff Compensation Funds held by FVWC for Miami River