Invasive species reduce the biodiversity and available habitat for wildlife in the area. Invasive plants outgrow natives and take away nutrition and light. Many are garden escapes.

Some plants are listed as provincial noxious and it is mandatory they be controlled. Along the Miami River Greenway we control:

[column column=”one_third”]Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed [/column][column column=”one_third”]
Himalayan Balsam [/column][column column=”one_fourth”]Ragwort

Tansy Ragwort [/column][column column=”one_third”]Giant Hogweed
Giant Hogweed [/column][column column=”one_third”]Scentless chamomile
Scentless chamomile[/column][column column=”one_third” last=”true”]

Yellow iris
Yellow iris[/column]

Other plants are considered to be nuisance plants. Along the Miami we deal with:
[column column=”one_third”]Himalayan Blackberry
Himalayan Blackberry [/column][column column=”one_third”]Bindweed
Bindweed [/column][column column=”one_fourth”]

PeriwinklePeriwinkle [/column][column column=”one_third”]

Lamium silver nettle plant
Lamium (silver nettle plant)[/column][column column=”one_third”]Scotch Broom
Scotch Broom (regionally noxious in Okanagan)[/column][column column=”one_fourth”]Reed Canary Grass
Reed Canary Grass [/column][column column=”one_third”]English Ivy
English Ivy [/column][column column=”one_third” last=”true”]Holly_fruit__K__Newell_English Holly [/column]