Native Shrubs and Pollinator Planting

With funds provided by the DFO Community Advisor, MRSS members installed 157 native shrubs, trees and pollinator plants along the Greenway trail and in Spring Park on November 23, 2023.  In Spring park, sun loving pollinators Canada Golden Rod, Nodding Onion, Common Camas and Common Yarrow were installed. Along the 200-block of the Greenway, Streamkeepers planted Hardhack, Sword Ferns, Bleeding Heart and Fringe Cup. In the 300-block Lady Fern, a hardy, drought tolerant species, Western Columbine, a great plant for bees and very attractive with red and yellow flowers and more Nodding Onions were planted.  Thirty sword ferns in the area adjacent to the Ruth Altendorf footbridge and along the path near McCombs road will enhance both the beauty and the biodiversity of the areas. One beautiful 3-year old potted native western red cedar that was donated to the MRSS by a local resident is now growing under the mature cedars along the 400-block of the greenway. Thank you so much to the many streamkeepers who helped with this planting. The age of the planters ranged from nine to eighty-something ( they won't tell).

There were some issues in early 2024, with persons unknown removing the marker stakes. The explanation we received was the stakes were dangerous to dogs. To us they mark the spot and allow us to monitor the progress of the plants. This way we know what works where and how to plan future plantings.

The vision of Miami River Streamkeepers Society is to restore the Miami River through an ongoing revitalization program.

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