Chum Fry Release

Miami River
Streamkeepers Society (MRSS) members, with the help of the DFO community
advisor, released 5000 Chum salmon fry into the Miami River on Wednesday, April
28, 2021.  The three week old Chum from
the Chehalis River Hatchery spend a few days imprinting on the Miami before
embarking on a journey to the Pacific via the Harrison and Fraser rivers, returning
in three and half years. The release is part of DFO’s Salmonid Enhancement Program to conserve Pacific Salmon

Since 2006, MRSS have partnered with the Village
of Harrison Hot Springs on riparian restoration projects along the greenway,
planting thousands of native plants to improve the damaged habitat.  Healthy riparian areas help maintain good
water quality by reducing erosion, providing shade and shelter and providing food
for aquatic life.  Streamkeepers   work routinely to keep the riparian healthy by
removing invasive plants, garden waste and other dumped trash.