Salmonids in the classroom

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PSF 8c Salmonid Tank

The project was undertaken by the Grade 2 and 3 students at the end of January 2015. Miami River Streamkeepers received grant money from the Pacific Salmon Foundation to help finance the project. Raising salmon in the classroom is an opportunity to teach students to understand, respect and protect freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems, and to recognize how all humans are lined to these complex environments.

Salmon fry released into Miami River May 19th 2015. Read all about it:


  1. Donna Cooney
    2015-03-11 at 21:07

    Awesome Janne. I got in by your link. Sometimes my big computer does not like me getting into sites but my little computer is fine with it. Go figure. I loved the pictures. Thanks for the work.

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